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Lower Silesian Science Festival

This year’s Lower Silesian Science Festival edition is distinguished by the slogan referring to the Year of Polish Olympians, announced by the Sejm of the Republic of Poland. The event will start on 14 September 2024 on the Academy of Physical Education campus in Wroclaw, where the Science Town will be organized.

Research at WUEB

Wroclaw University of Economics and Business (WUEB) is a place where the tradition of scientific research meets a modern approach. Our achievements include not only outstanding publications and conference speeches but also extensive research cooperation on an international scale, practical developments, and patents that support the industrial development of the region.

We specialize mainly in the following disciplines: Economics and Finance, Management and Quality Sciences from the Social Sciences, Food and Nutrition Technology from the Agricultural Sciences. We research the most current, interdisciplinary, vital scientific problems of significant socio-economic importance.

of WUEB staff

  • Behavioral and Pro-Social Economics / EBS (Ekonomia behawioralna i pro-społeczna)
  • Innovation and Entrepreneuship Ecosystems / EIP (Ekosystemy innowacji i przedsiębiorczości)
  • Energy Transformation and Sustainable Energy / TEZE (Tranformacja energetyczna i zrównoważona energetyka)
  • Inclusive Strategies and Strategic Networking / SIWS (Strategie inkluzywne i współpraca w sieciach)
  • Green ESG: Sustainable Development and Social Economy / GESG (Green ESG: Zrównoważony Rozwój i Społeczna Gospodarka)
  • Digital and Technocentric Economy / GCT (Gospodarka cyfrowa i technocentryczna)
  • Quality and Sustainable Food Production / JZPŻ (Jakość i zrównoważona produkcja żywności)


hr excellence in research
Institutional Evaluation Programme
Chartered Institute of Management Accountants
European Foundation for Management Development
Association of Chartered Certified Accountants
Chartered Financial Analyst
International Association for Management Development in Dynamic Societies
European Master in Official Statistics
Akredytacje AMBA
Polska Komisja Akredytacyjna


Erasmus plus
AACSB Business Education Alliance Member
European Doctoral programs Association in Management & Business Administration
Principles for Responsible Management Education
European Foundation for Management Development


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